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For years Munich Airport Business Park (MABP) has been positioning itself as a modern „Business Class – Location“ for companies that are highly innovative and operate internationally. With its attractive location, the timeless character of the buildings and the manifold flexible designs of the office rooms, the business park facilitates a relaxed working environment. MABP is thus a very attractive location for young companies and start-ups. With the business park’s more than 225 companies it facilitates speedy integration and use of synergies.Skygate Innen








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A focused overview of the Munich Airport Business Park, the buildings and services can be obtained from the MABP website under:www.mabp.de

Larger and smaller companies from the areas of information and communication technology, the automobile industry, electrical engineering, aviation and aerospace, medical technologies, pharmaceuticals, finances as well as the service sector are all represented in MABP.Helios





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The location initiative of MABP, composed of numerous project partners – among them the town of Hallbergmoos and the Munich airport operator Flughafen München GmbH - continually further develops the location and ensures that the high requirements of the tenants in MABP are met in future too.

Our Info-Office belongs to the professional location marketing and functions as a central point of contact for those interested in the location and in tenancy and for existing tenants and real estators. In addition to office space there are also expansion areas partially with existing rights to build, so that the location can be further developed.






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Munich Airport Business Park - Your Contacts in the Info-Office



Alexander Mademann, Business Developer

Section B3 – Business Development, Munich Airport Business Park

Rathausplatz 1
D-85399 Hallbergmoos

Telefon: 08 11 | 55 22 128
Telefax: 08 11 | 55 22 111
Mobil:    0171 | 8 29 13 51
E-mail: mabp@hallbergmoos.de


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