Administrative Department for Economic Development

Economic Development of Hallbergmoos 


Promoting business development is among the local administration’s most important tasks: a matter that mayor Harald Reents has given top priority to and is personally involved in. To assist him, the administrative department for economic development was created in 2008. Economic development specialist Alexander Mademann is our contact person for all business owners and companies interested in coming to Hallbergmoos to address with their questions, suggestions or problems.  

Making those already here feel at home and continuously optimizing Hallbergmoos as a business location are the topmost items on the agenda. Acquiring new businesses as well as assisting them during the first few weeks especially is also part of the department’s field of activity. There is of course close cooperation between the economic development department and the MABP Info-Office to ensure the best-possible assistance to all those running a business.


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Your Contact Persons


Alexander Mademann, Economic Developer

Economic Development, Munich Airport Business Park

Rathausplatz 1
D-85399 Hallbergmoos

Telefon: 08 11 | 55 22 128
Telefax: 08 11 | 55 22 111
Mobil: 01 71 | 8 29 13 51