Greeting from the Mayor

Bild Reents

Dear Readers,

welcome to the Internet presence of the municipality of Hallbergmoos. I am happy about your interest in our community.


No other medium has changed our lives more in recent years than the Internet has. The technical possibilities of making information available almost at once are virtually limitless. To utilize these possibilities has become both a necessity and a matter of course to us: With the abundance of information available in the world today, only a system such as this can help us to organise our knowledge and make it readily available. It goes without saying that a town like Hallbergmoos cannot exclude itself from this progress.


Situated adjacent to Munich’s Franz-Josef-Strauß Airport, Hallbergmoos is among those municipalities that have seized their opportunity. What originally was a predominantly agricultural village is now changing into a young, modern town whose attractive and architecturally very interesting business park has become a preferred location for the high-tech industry. The list of companies now located in our community serves to underscore this. Our residents come from about 70 nations, and with an average age of 35, we are one of the “young” communities in Bavaria.


Especially noteworthy in this context is our residents’ commitment: In almost 50 associations and organisations, numerous work groups and citizens’ initiatives they take an active part in the shaping of their community.


Our progressive local administration sees itself as a service provider and has developed and implemented many pioneering innovations that have meanwhile been adopted by other communities throughout Germany.


If you would like to know more about us, feel free to contact us – we will be happy to assist you!


Harald Reents

First Mayor